Release your inner creativeness with Cricut!

Since becoming a Mum, I’ve really become interested in arts and crafts. I took up Crochet and I do Hand Stamped Jewellery but I really wish I’d tapped into this creative side earlier. It’s so much fun and even more so when you’re able to create something unique for others.

cricutThe Cricut allows you to not only be creative, the stuff you can produce are useful and fun! Everyone gives cards at birthdays or Christmas etc. and the Cricut allows you to be creative and personal. It doesn’t stop at cards though, you can make decorations, create iron on designs to really personalise your clothes, bags and anything else you want to ‘jazz up’! The possibilities are endless.


There is so much inspiration in the Cricut Project Centre, you could spend hours in there planning your crafts. On their website, you can download the ‘Craft Room‘ and create your very own designs. It’s available on Mac and PC and completely free of charge.

The Cricut’s can be found on Amazon and retail between £190.00 for the basic and £270.00 for the more advanced models.

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