D.Bramante 1928 – Spoil your gadget this Christmas
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D.Bramante 1928 – Spoil your gadget this Christmas

Many people will be getting shiny new gadgets this year for Christmas. If you’re looking for that little bit of luxury at affordable prices, then look no further than D Bramante 1928 accessories.

These are real quality leather goods. Fropm the moment you open the packaging and you smell the luxurious leather, you won’t be disappointed. The designs are simple, classic and there’s a design to suit most tastes.

If you’re looking for something a little bit different for that special someone this christmas, I highly recommend the D.Bramante1928 cowhide cases. These are very unusual and like the other leather goods, they are of high quality.

D.Bramante1928 cowhide iPad case


D.Bramante 1928 have cases to suit both men and women. One of my personal favourites are their ‘envelopes’ for the iPad and Macbook Airs. Again, a very simple design, but it looks, feels and smells expensive. They are extremely durable and the perfect accessory for your beloved gadget.

D.Bramante 1928 Envelope Style


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  1. Love the cowhide case.

    Also girls have you seen this series? bit.ly/SS7voC There is only one girl gamer in it! But it’s amazing, this episode they compete by playing all the super Mario games!

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