Team 21 and how it will save my eyesight.

Team 21 and how it will save my eyesight.

I have been chosen to be one of twenty one bloggers to experience Optical Express’ Laser Eye Surgery. I’m absolutely stoked about this and it’s going to change my life completely!

I’ve been pretty blind for as long as I can remember and have worn glasses since I was about 8 or so. My eyesight really deteriorated in my teens and when I was 19, I made the switch from glasses to contact lenses. That was a transition and a half. I had to wake an hour earlier than usual as it took me an average of 45 mins to put the contacts in every morning. It drove me mad! Eventually, I got used to it, and I have worn them almost daily ever since and until recently, as annoying as it is putting them in and having to remember to take them out, it was fine and it worked for me. I’m short-sighted and my eyes have deteriorated to -4.25 in my left eye and -3.0 in my right eye, which means I’m pretty much blind.

Eye laser surgery was always something that has been at the back of my mind. Especially as I have this terrible habit of driving up north to see my in-laws and kept forgetting spares and my glasses. Not the best situation to be in when you’re 200 miles from home. Needless to say I’ve ended up leaving a box of spares up there, just in case.

About 17 months ago, I gave birth to my son, Alex and this changed my life in so many ways. It was at this time that Eye Laser Surgery came back to the forefront of my thoughts. Wearing contacts, I don’t always have glasses by my bed. Waking in the night with my son has been very challenging over the past year and a bit. When this opportunity came up to be part of Team 21, I jumped at it.

Me with a newborn Alex at 5 days old.


This is so unbelievably life changing for me. I took my Dad with me as you can’t drive for 24 hours after the consultation. I was so nervous when I went in. Wanting this as badly as I do, my fear was that I would be told that I wasn’t compatible. I was given some drops to dilate my pupils – that was one of the strangest experiences I’ve had. I couldn’t see anything close up, which being short-sighted, was a very odd feeling. The machinery they used was amazing. It pinpointed my weaknesses and the lady explained everything to me. I was speechless and had no questions as everything was covered. I was impressed with their knowledge and because of this, any nerves I had when i went in, were now very much gone.

Wave Scan Machine

I have my surgery in just over a week and I cannot wait! I will let you know how it goes. Wish me luck!

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