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Xmas List – Knomo London iPhone Leather Purse and Quilted Cable Pouch

If you’re looking for the ultimate in girly-gadget accessories, look no further than Knomo this Christmas. This luxury leather goods brand has a great range of accessories to meet all budgets. The leather iPhone purse comes in a variety of bright colours to suit all tastes (pink for me please). The purse itself is aContinue Reading “Xmas List – Knomo London iPhone Leather Purse and Quilted Cable Pouch”


30 Days of FRIENDS: Exclusive UK Giveway

They told us they’d always be there for us, but forgetting the Joey spin-off (most people have), things have been a little quiet on the F•R•I•E•N•D•S front since the programme ended in 2004. For fans needing a warm reminder of Central Perk, Ross & Rachel and ….. the ‘Ugly Naked Guy’, you can now catch upContinue Reading “30 Days of FRIENDS: Exclusive UK Giveway”

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DAB Radio Guide for this Christmas from John Lewis

DAB radio guide Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without a shiny new gadget waiting for us under the tree. And while it may sound a little old-school, the humble radio has become a must-have item on every gadget lover’s wish list. Our John Lewis guest blogger explains why… Forget crackly signals and twiddly knobs, theseContinue Reading “DAB Radio Guide for this Christmas from John Lewis”


Drink Aware Film Competition: ‘Why let the good times go bad?’

Fancy yourself as the next Spielberg or Tarantino? Why not put your movie making skills to the test, you could win £1,500 in Jessops to feed your film habit! Alcohol education charity Drinkaware is launching a competition encouraging budding young directors to create a short film which shows that if you are drinking, drink responsiblyContinue Reading “Drink Aware Film Competition: ‘Why let the good times go bad?’”


Team 21 and how it will save my eyesight.

I have been chosen to be one of twenty one bloggers to experience Optical Express’ Laser Eye Surgery. I’m absolutely stoked about this and it’s going to change my life completely! I’ve been pretty blind for as long as I can remember and have worn glasses since I was about 8 or so. My eyesightContinue Reading “Team 21 and how it will save my eyesight.”

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A little bit of iLuv this Christmas…

Looking for a cute case for your gadgets this Christmas or maybe for that perfect present? We have just the range for you! iLuv have released their lovely Peanuts range of cases for iPhone and iPad. Not only are these cases great for a younger audience, the older audiences will love reminiscing about their childhoodsContinue Reading “A little bit of iLuv this Christmas…”

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Fitness and Wellbeing Companions

Christmas is coming and lets be honest, I think we’re already dreading the weight we’ll be putting on. So, here at Girls n Gadgets, we thought we’d suggest two fitness and wellbeing companions to help you get back into shape in the new year – also something to maybe put on the christmas list. FirstContinue Reading “Fitness and Wellbeing Companions”