If You Like Instragram, You Can Insta-Cover Your Twitter and Facebook

If You Like Instragram, You Can Insta-Cover Your Twitter and Facebook

They say the world is prettier with rose-colored glasses. Instagram delivers a world prettier through its’ many filters. Pick a filter any filter and the photo you just took transforms into a work of art, a film bite and even a trip back into time.

Following Instragram’s mega successful acquisition by Facebook, thousands of new and existing users took even more brilliant photos at an increasing quantity.  Some users of Instragram are even finding it to be lucrative to be influential photographers for advertisers that love the story telling that some of Instagram’s best users create to their many followers.

Beyond Facebook and Twitter enabling Instagram’s to be featured in an Instagram specific album or as a picture on one’s Twitter profile, there really aren’t too many ways to enjoy and share one’s painful devotion to capturing moments in just the right light.  Insta-Cover is now available to allow for an even better way to share Instagram’s lovingly perfected photos in an interactive collage for your Facebook cover and/or Twitter background.

Now your friends, family and peers can enjoy all the photos you take while you go about your days, journeying through the meandering ambles of your daily and vacation lives and add comments to and like your Instragrams to their delight and relive those moments with you.


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