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The Woogie 2 from Griffin

“The Woogie is a great way to entertain your toddler and protect your phone or iPod touch.”


Most toddlers and babies I have seen have an obsession with phones and iPads… Forget the room full of amazing toys – it’s the cardboard boxes, wrapping and tech they want! My son is incredibly tech savvy, it would appear and leaves me gob-smacked by the way he navigates through my iPhone and iPad and at the age of 1! It’s just incredible…

As I mentioned, he loves anything that’s not his and when I saw the Woogie by Griffin, I wasn’t sure it would be his kind of thing. It was going to be a hit or a miss in my opinion. To my surprise, the moment he saw the box, he came running over, in that funny kind of wobbly walk that toddlers do. He looked at me, very excited but slightly puzzled. He pointed at the box and made an interested high pitched ‘ooooohh’. I took the Woogie out of the box and it was love at first sight it would seem – he took him from me, planted a big kiss on where the iPhone is meant to be and wondered off…

Woogie 2 from Griffin


There’s a free app called ‘Woogie‘ (developed by Griffin Technologies) that you download from the iPhone app store. This could be made more obvious on the box though as it did take me a while to find it and was quite frustrating. Once downloaded, it’s got different cartoon eyes that shake, rattle and make noises. There’s also voice playback if you really want to confuse your little one 🙂 My son loved scrolling through the faces and making noises at the Woogie.

Although the box says it’s not for 0-3 year olds, I would tend to disagree. There are no small parts on this and it’s just a fun, cuddly toy. Obviously that’s at the parent’s discretion. This a a fab toy and Alex, my son, has been inseparable from his. He’s even taken it to the doctors with him and shown him to the other patients waiting. The Woogie is a great way to entertain your toddler and protect your phone or iPod touch.

It’s $19.99 and available from the Griffin website or their new East London, Stratford store.

My 1 year old son, Alex, playing with the Woogie 2


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