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Call Me Maybe, Better Still…Leave a Video Message!

Love it when I get an app to check out by friends and family. It’s always interesting and
fascinating to discover what makes other people’s lives better and/or easier.

I think the person who I adore most when introducing me to any new tech discovery is my mother.
Hands down. She’s not only an incredible beta tester but also a great WOM evangelist
for anything she adores.

Imagine my surprise when it was mom, not any of my tech friends and colleagues, who are always also
discussing the battery drain issues and chunky user experience choices of other VOIP
apps, who introduced me to the wonderful world of Tango.

Tango.Me enables video calls and messages.

One cannot help but adore Tango’s video voicemail feature, especially if you have
friends and family who you want to keep in touch with but don’t see often or are some
distance away – it brings an entirely new level of intimacy and communication dynamic
to keeping in touch. It’s fun to not only be able to call my friends and family (and of
course mom) to catch up, but in the world of busy lives and multiple time zones, it’s nice
to be able to also leave a video message since it is much more personal and
sentimental than a quick voice call and far more meaningful than a text.

The best part is that you get to share a moment in time with some real context to what is
happening and take a glimpse of life. The popularity of random real time snippets of
real life on YouTube and SocialCam alone already speak to the treasures that exist in
the magic of even a few seconds of everyday life. Explore the unique and very personal
added value that lies in sharing special moments like a child saying hello to a parent
traveling, a birthday song, a funny story, a favorite song playing in a shop and even just
an ordinary and random but tailored hello. Any call and message becomes a moment
shared in each other’s world. They say a picture tells a thousand word, but video is

Currently, Tango is only available on PC, Laptop, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.
I cannot wait for it to be on my Mac as well. Because even a simple smile and hello
from mom that is available for replaying is always tremendously uplifting on video. It’s
as if she is there even in the middle of a busy workday or homesick on the road and I
can send her a quick hello too, so she knows I’m thinking of her as she is sleeping on
the other side of the world. Nothing like a little human interaction makes us feel even
more connected.

Thank you Tango for keeping conversations personable and more sincere, near and far.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! Keeping you closer to your loved ones is our mission 🙂

    We’ll continue working hard on making it even better.

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