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Jabra Extreme 2

Jabra Extreme 2

I recently bought a new car and one thing that was very clear when I was choosing, was the technology it came with. I did choose one that came with a built in handsfree kit, but it turned out, in practice, it really wasn’t that good. Soon after buying my car, coincidentally, I was asked if I would like to review the Jabra Extreme 2. My first impression was – Bluetooth headsets still exist?! My previous experience with them was pretty awful and so I didn’t have high expectations at all.

The Jabra Extreme 2 really impressed me. Not only is it small and unnoticable, the battery lasts ages (officially  5.5 hours of talk time and 10.5 days of standby time) and you can connect multiple devices to it – perfect for me with my 2 phones. It comes with a very compact in car charger and different ear fittings. It boasts Noise BlackoutTM 3.0 dual microphone technology as well as HD voice technology (phone and network dependant).

It’s made life a lot easier for me whilst driving and a must have! Well done to Jabra for producing a great little product that is both functional and discreet!

An easy 5/5 in my opinion!


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  1. The problem I’ve found with Bluetooth headsets is that because of my glasses (and small ears!) I have trouble keeping it in place (same reason I struggle with in-ear bud headphones!)

    Did you find it easy to use with sunglasses?

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