We are back!

Leila with son Alexander

Apologies for the radio silence over the past few weeks. I am pleased to announce that I gave birth to a baby boy on the 6th June called Alexander, so I have been coming to terms with the highs and lows of motherhood. And with motherhood has come a whole new world of gadgets, which as you can imagine, I’ve loved!

Being a Mum is hard work and Three have conducted some research to show exactly how much work we Mum’s do. According to their research, mums would earn £37,000 a year if they were paid for their hard work in the home (Now, that would be nice!) – around £13,000 higher than the UK average salary for a female in 2011. Three go on to say that mums work 23 hours above the average working week – longer hours than a junior doctor. I have a new found respect for what my Mum went though with two children and all the other Mum’s out there.

“Mobile internet on smartphones helps keep mums connected and gives them the freedom to be online for both work and play, wherever they are, and at a time most convenient to them. With Three’s all-you-can-eat data they can now do this without worrying about the cost.”


Without my iPhone and Blackberry, I know I’d be lost. My husband, for my birthday, also bought me an iPad which again is great to carry around and keep me connected for everything I need to be doing outside of the house.

Here’s their breakdown of how a Mum’s day is typically broken down:

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  1. Congratulations!! I’m due in 4 weeks, so am wondering how long I’ll be offline for 🙂 Good to see you back, and encouraging for me!

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