Sky News Launch iPad App

Sky News previewed their new iPad app with a guest appearance from the lovely Adam Boulton last night. It’s the first news app that allows you to watch live content and is then available to view again immediately afterwards.

In the new app, you can watch live footage in real time with the ability to rewind to the beginning as well as being able to pause. Navigation through past stories is easy and with the timeline, you’ll know exactly whent he story broke. A nice feature of the app is that the timeline videos are available in wide screen and you have the ability to choose from the supporting content such as graphs, articles, images and more related videos – all of this whilst the original video is still playing!

You can choose to view stories from a specific editorial team if you have a preference. Surprisingly though, the iPad app even has it’s very own dedicated Chief Editor! This form of media is clearly something that they have taken very seriously and they seem to see this as one of the new main media streams – and who can blame them after Apples very impressive sales figures from the iPad 2 launch the other week.

The app launches tomorrow and will be available to download for free in the first few months. It will then become available on a subscription basis, however if you are a Sky customer, you have the added benefit of being able to download and view for free even when the subscription comes into place.

you can watch Sky’s official video here.

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