HTC 7 Mozart Review: The Windows-Orange Flagship Smartphone

It’s not often you find something that’s orange, about 4 inches big and nice to touch. But here it is – the HTC 7 Mozart! But does it live up to its status as the Orange-Windows flagship smartphone? First, let’s examine the handset: it’s mostly all screen: with a 3.7” LCD display, this is aContinue Reading “HTC 7 Mozart Review: The Windows-Orange Flagship Smartphone”


Ofcom publishes their broadband speed findings

Ofcom as part of their remit under the Communications Act 2003 have to carry out research into consumer’s experiences of the way communications services are provided (such as broadband services) and then publish the results of the research. Ofcom has so far published 3 broadband experience reports using data collected by research partner SamKnows Ltd.Continue Reading “Ofcom publishes their broadband speed findings”