Embrace gadgets, but don’t forget your pens and paper!

As a huge technology and gadget geek, you might be surprised to hear that on the organisational side of things, I can tend to prefer a more off line approach. Especially on my social side. So I thought I would share with you a few products I’ve come across recently that I just love!

Filofax Metropol – Price: £21.00

Mode Personal Organiser – Price £23.00

And with every awesome Filofax, you need a decent pen to go with it! Stationery is a complete weak spot of mine. I can spend hours looking at pens in a good stationers. One place that pretty much hypnotises me is The Pen Shop. When I worked in Liverpool Street, I spent many a day, glued to their shop window, admiring pens that I probably would never buy (I was temping at the time and at £10 p/h, I had to prioritise!). But there is something very personal and special about penship. You just can’t beat a hand written letter!

The Lamy Dialogue Retractable Fountain Pen – Price £195

Porsche P3140 Pocket Ballpen – Price £82.50

Fisher Space Pens 400 Blueberry Ball Pens – Price £27.50

These beautiful pens from The Pen Shop aren’t exactly what you’d call cheap, however, they are articles of beauty. In my opinion, The Pen Shop sell some of the most beautifully crafted pens in the market. The Lamy is my favourite by a long shot. This pen is sexy, sleek and oozes class. It glides across the page effortlessly and is a total joy to use.

The Porsche and Space Pens don’t have the same appeal to me as the Lamy, but they’re still quality. According to Wikipedia, the Space Pen “uses pressurized ink cartridges and is claimed to write in zero gravity, upside down, underwater, over wet and greasy paper, at any angle, and in extreme temperature ranges.”

So for all of you who really don’t believe in writing anymore… Pens and paper goods can be just as attractive as a new shiny gadget.

Who said the pen and paper were dead!

3 thoughts on “Embrace gadgets, but don’t forget your pens and paper!”

  1. I have two different sized filofaxs at the moment because one fits better in my handbag but the other is better because there is more space on each day – I know complicated lol. (Get a bigger handbag is probably the best option but then I gain clutter!)

    I stick with Parker fountain pens or biros because I tend to lose them lol. I’d love to treat myself to a posh pen but even when I sold a friend’s Mont Blanc Cartridge pen on eBay I felt like I needed to guard it with my life!

    Thanks for the post 🙂

  2. I can relate to you Han!

    Once I lost an engraved parker pen that was personalised to my taste… I won’t let you know how much it actually was because it’s a little embarrassing (well over 100). I think I react worse to losing my favourite pen than my mobile phone! The same can’t be said for many people in the UK.. aha 🙂

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