Embrace gadgets, but don’t forget your pens and paper!

As a huge technology and gadget geek, you might be surprised to hear that on the organisational side of things, I can tend to prefer a more off line approach. Especially on my social side. So I thought I would share with you a few products I’ve come across recently that I just love! FilofaxContinue Reading “Embrace gadgets, but don’t forget your pens and paper!”

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Be Bamboo Competition: Winners’ handwriting revealed

Back in December, Bamboo launched a competition for Girls’n’Gadgets readers to have their handwriting analysed by leading graphologist Ruth Myers. We had many entries and it was very interesting to read what Ruth uncovered about your personalities from the way you crossed your ‘t’s and dotted your ‘i’s. Two winners were selected for a moreContinue Reading “Be Bamboo Competition: Winners’ handwriting revealed”


Robert Llewellyn reviews Parrot’s AR Drone!

Robert Llewellyn accepts that he is possibly best known for his role as Kryten in BBC’s Red Dwarf and as presenter of Channel 4’s Scrapheap Challenge. A self described amateur nerd, Robert has always been interested in technology and engineering but due to his chronic dyscalculia had to accept he was probably better at talkingContinue Reading “Robert Llewellyn reviews Parrot’s AR Drone!”