Be Bamboo Competition: Final handwriting entries, plus winners announced

We’ve received our final entries for the Be Bamboo handwriting competition. Handwriting expert Ruth Myers has given each entrant’s handwriting the once over, read the results below.

Lynda Wookey

Ruth says: “A direct and agreeable nature. She has high goals and anticipates the future. Possesses a natural responsiveness to the needs and feelings of others.”

Dennis Harding

Ruth says: “The writer has a strong depth of emotion and uses his good intellect to trying to control any impulsiveness. He has creative ability and his intuitiveness aids communication.”

Matilda Burgess

Ruth says: “Outwardly friendly but not in an intimate way. Strong self-interest and subject to mood swings. Highly enthusiastic and strong magnetic zeal. This writer also has leadership ability.”

Dawn Smith

Ruth says: “Rather inhibited writer with a tendency not to overspend. Her thinking controls her feelings and she very rarely shows outward emotion. She can handle difficult situations well.”

Poppy Fitzwalter

Ruth says: “Generally gets on well with others and is adaptable. Can be considerate and fair in attitude. Optimistic in nature with good determination. Poppy has cultural leanings.”

Sarah Fletcher

Ruth says: “Friendly and communicative. Good imagination and has the ability to express herself by the written word. Emotional by nature and can be considerate to others.”

Kelly Marsh

Ruth says: “This writer is somewhat impulsive but still sets practial goals. Sensitive to rebuff or rejection – insecure and self-doubt reigns. Tendency to be shy and fears humiliation.”

Justin Walis

Ruth says: “Justin has a broad perspective of life and likes to be where the action is. He has a strong depth of emotion. He is friendly with an adaptable and flexible attitude. Justin has an imagination.”

Robin Matthews

Ruth says: “With a poised, cool temperament, this writer can sometimes be withdrawn emotionally. Often experiences difficulty in expressing feelings although outwardly friendly. Robin has a tendency to be obdurate, has an accuracy for details and is prone to mood swings.”
And the winner is…
Ruth has anaylsed all the entrants handwriting and has picked two winners. Both winners will receive an in-depth anaylsis of their handwriting.
The winners Ruth has chosen are…
Joe Johnson
Matilda Burgess
Congratulations to both Joe and Matilda! An in-depth analysis of your handwriting will appear on Girls’n’Gadgets shortly.
Wacom, together with Girls’n’Gadgets, would like to thank all those who entered the Be Bamboo Handwriting Competition.

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