Be Bamboo Competition: More handwriting entries

We’ve received our second lot of entries for the Be Bamboo handwriting competition. Handwriting expert Ruth Myers has given each entrant’s handwriting the once over, read the results below.

There is still time to enter, see details at the bottom of this post.

Paula Brown 

Ruth says: “Will communicate well with others and whilst outwardly willing to listen, if she thinks she is right she will not let anyone interefere with her plans and ideals”

Sarah Calder

Ruth says: “Generally sympathetic attitude and can be considerate to others. She could handle crisis situations calmly and has the ability to think smoothly and consecutively”

Alicia Green

Ruth says: “She possesses a natural poise – a spectator of life she will always use judgment her intuitive insight is a plus factor to her creative ability. Only perfection will satisfy”

Monica Green

Ruth says: “Although outwardly friendly, in reality, she is withdrawn emotionally. A tendency to be self-concerned, internalizing her feelings and can be prone to mood swings”

Jane Bray

Ruth says: “She sees the big picture and wants to be noticed and be part of it! A logical analytical thinker can be kindly and conscientious. Low boredom threshold”

Lulu Edwards 

Ruth says: “Strong depth of emotion. Order and routine are important factors. Strong willpower. She has leadership ability. An individualist who will follow her own creative ideas”

Maria Moore

Ruth says: “This writer is affectionate in nature and inclined to be somewhat impulsive. Kindly in attitude, she can also express sympathy . She can take charge”

Harriet Moore


Ruth says: “Good intellect, this writer can be individualistic in other words she sets her own standards and does not follow the crowd. She can give orders to others”

Carrie Moon
Ruth says: “Idealistic this writer has has good analytical ability . She can inspire others with her enthusiasm and ideas. She has high goals and wants to achieve success”
Joe Johnson
 Ruth says: “A resourceful highly imaginative and creative individual. Tendency to be emotionally inhibited. Broad perspective of life. An inclination to delay matters”
Thank you to all those who have submitted entries so far. If you’d like to get your handwriting analysed then please write two of the following phrases on a blank piece of paper. Writing must be joined, with no block capitcals:

Be Bamboo Words: “I am…

Creative   Clear   Intuitive
Playful   Professional   Unique
Precise   Fun   Ingenious
Inspired   Efficient   Easy
Inventive   Enjoyable   Fast
Accurate   Useful   Responsive
Simple   Boundless   Positive
Imaginative   Detailed   Constructive
Curious   Exciting   Engaging
Compelling   Instinctive   Open
Entertaining   Natural   Individual
Stimulating   Innate   Expressive
Quick   Pleasing   Idiosyncratic
Flexible   Effective   Colourful
Inspiring   Exhilarating   Adventurous
Jolly   Immediate   Surprising
Versatile   Unexpected   Reliable
Mobile   Enabling   Spontaneous
Meticulous   Direct   Practical
Helpful   Comfortable   Conceptual
Personal   Familiar   Pragmatic
Productive   Intriguing   Inventive
Capable   Vivid   Witty

Scan and e-mail your submissions to Alternatively, Wacom pen & tablet users can use the Bamboo app Doodler, which enables you to capture any thought, idea or message and save it on the computer or share them with friends or colleagues.


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