RadioPaq Dot Earphones

I am very much a girly girl so anything pink always draws me in! When I was given the chance to review a set of RadioPaq Dot headphones I was very excited.

I own  a iPhone and iPod and I find that the headphones are too big for my ears and it is very annoying when they are always falling out of my ears . I have spent alot of money on headphones in the past which fit inside your ear to try and combat this problem, but I found they could be really loud which would result in earache or they were just dull and boring. This is where the Dot headphones worked their magic!

These are the key features the manufactors claim that the Dots will perform-

Half the size, twice the fun
Dots are less bulky than most earphones and are designed to be small enough and light enough to sit snugly in your ears.
Say no to knots!
Dots feature a soft rubber silicone cable finish, making the cable tangle-resistant.
More music, less noise.
Dots soft silicone ear cushions cover the ultra small sound driver, keeping the sound you want in, and unwanted noise out.
Comfy, not lumpy.
Dots come with three sizes of silicone ear cushions: Small, Medium and Large, so they stay in your ears and are more comfortable.
The colour of music
Dots lightweight metal casing is colour matched to complement you and your favourite MP3 player.
Solid gold sound
To ensure best sound quality transfer from your MP3 player, dots feature a gold-plated, 3.5mm stereo jack plug.

I really liked the fact that the headphones were a matalic pink and come with different sized silicone ear pieces to ensure you have the correct fit and not just assuming you have big or small ears! Extenal noises are easily cancelled out by the headphones and the music is crisp, I also love the face they are avaliable in 7 different colours means I can buy a pair for the fella so he doesn’t “borrow” mine anymore!

Overall these little headphones pack a punch and retailing at just £14.99 I think they are a brilliant stocking filler. They are avaliable from RadioPaq and other leading highstreet stores.

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