Halloween is Coming: 5 of the Scariest Places in the UK

Halloween has a long history in the UK, with origins in pagan festivals held long ago around the end of October in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. People held the belief that, at this time of year, the spirits of the dead would walk among the living. Whatever you believe though, All Hallows Eve can be a fun holiday, and especially spooky if you know the right places to visit. We’ve gathered 5 of the scariest places in the UK — go ahead, get into the spirit!

The Village of Pluckley – Kent

Often cited as the most haunted village in England, this cute village is certainly steeped in ghost stories, whether based on actual sightings or just modern folklore. Listen out for the blood curdling screams of a ghost around the Brickworks near the train station, or take a trip to the Church of St. Nicolas, where Lady Dering is said to be buried within three lead lined coffins. Locals to this date report seeing her wander the churchyard in search of the unmarked grave of her still born child. If this isn’t enough then head over to the house called Greystones — it’s said to have had a monk haunt it’s grounds.

Built up an appetite chasing Lady Dering? Pop into the Black Horse in the centre of the village using the ‘Near Me’ mode on your Mio Navman 575, for hot food, a busy bar and a warm welcome.

35 Stonegate – York

Countless visitors have felt the icy touch of invisible fingers and heard eerie screechings from the attic in this 700 year old house. Numerous ghostly apparitions have been seen drifting around the house and when top ghost hunter Derek Acorah came to investigate the house, he was grabbed by an angry ghost. The stories couldn’t scare TV’s Most Haunted away until they investigated — the crew was seen running out screaming. The house welcomes visitors, so check out their site for more info.

Scared of spectres? Click ‘Near Me’ on your Mio Navman 575 to escape to the spectacular York Castle Museum for a look into Victorian Britain.

The Rufus Stone – Minstead Hampshire

Just outside of Minstead stands the Rufus Stone, marking the site where King William II — commonly known as William Rufus — met his untimely death. On August 2nd, 1100 William joined a hunting party in the New Forest and was separated, but remained in the company of Sir Walter Tyrrell. According to the inscription upon the stone, an arrow fired by Tyrrell at a stag glanced off an oak tree and struck Rufus “on the breast of which he instantly died.” The King’s lifeless body was placed onto the cart of a charcoal burner named Purkiss and transported to Winchester for burial. As the cart bounced and jolted over the rough forest paths it is said to have left in its wake a trail of blood which the ghost of Rufus follows each year on the anniversary of his sudden demise.

Need to bed down after a day of dodging arrows? The Bartley Lodge Hotel is two miles away and can be found using ‘Near Me’ on your Mio Navman 575.

Longdendale – The Haunted Valley – Peak District

Longdendale, or “the long valley”, stretches for ten miles. Towering above it are two mountains whose very names conjure up mystical images, “Bleaklow” and “Shining Clough”. Scattered across the high moor are the rusting wrecks of quite a few World War Two aircraft that crashed into the peaks almost sixty years ago. The fact that there are more ghostly encounters, unexplained happenings and UFO sightings here, than anywhere else in the Peak District, has led to it being dubbed in recent years “The Haunted Valley”. Heading southeast from Glossop is the quaint town of Eyam, known because of its association with the bubonic plague. Head on a nice walking tour of the village, where you can experience many haunted sites.

Want to stay overnight for some extra UFO spotting? Try the Birds Nest Guest House, which can be found in nearby Glossop using Mio Navman’s ‘Near Me’ feature.

Pendle Hill – Lancashire

The Pendle Witches are said to haunt the buildings, landscapes and historic villages in the shadow of Pendle Hill such as Newchurch, home of St. Mary’s Church, from where they were thought to have stolen human bones. A sinister feeling and anger is often felt by visitors and many local refuse to discuss the goings on for fear of their own safety. Recently, the “Most Haunted” team visited the site and findings were staggering, with practically all the members of the crew being hurt, taken over or choked during the investigation. The team also made contact with one of the witches who told them there were nine other spirits in the room, who were all trying to make the team leave.

Got to the hill early and want to sit down and wait for dark? Use ‘Near Me’ mode and drop into the Pendle Heritage Centre for some afternoon tea and a spot of sightseeing.

To make things easy, we put together a Google map of all the spots mentioned!

View Scariest Spots in the UK in a larger map

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