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Following from last week’s announcement that MePlease are powering PizzaExpresses campaign, this week they’ve announced that they are working with Cineworld and Bella Italia that gives users a 2 for 1 deal on a meal and 2 for £11 cinema tickets (though London’s West End cinemas are excluded).

This follows a successful trial run by Tragus Group owners of UK restaurant brands STRADA, Cafe Rouge and Bella Italia in their London restaurants so customers could text a MePlease number (63757) and they’d get an instaneous free treat such as a free desert and by clicking a link can also share the treat on social media websites such as Facebook so their friends are also able to get the treat.

A big advantage of MePlease compared to other voucher type sites is that the trest is sent back almost instantaneously so the customer gets instant gratification and doesn’t have to wait around for (up to several) hours to get a response back.

Bella Italia
Bella Italia

While Internet access is prevalent, almost everyone has a mobile phone and by making their service primarily accessible via mobiles and text, MePlease are ensuring that there’s no barrier to people using the service though enhanced features are availabel via the web.

During the Tragus trial they saw a redemption rate of 53% for a specific campaign and a 9% across all the restaurants, while MePlease’s service maintained 100% availability and up-time.

This will be the first mobile campaign for Cineworld allowing them to attract users who are “out and about” and fits in with consumer characteristics of eating out and going to the cinema which is why they’re partnering with Tragus Group.

Though the mobile ‘voucher’ space is crowded, MePlease seem to have found a niche in which their operating well.

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