Bryce version 7 is free (for non commercial use)

Bryce has been around a long time and allows graphic artists to produce realistic 3D landscapes and animations (including fly throughs which can look pretty impressive).

Now version 7 has been released and it’s completely free. Well the standard version is which normally costs $29.95 and in its free version is actually Bryce PLE (or personal learning edition). There’s also a Pro version for $99.95 which adds better rendering, lighting, lens flare, improved materials lab and much more.

The software is available for both Windows and MacOS X and is availabel from the Daz3D website where Daz3D Studio can also be downloaded (for free) allowing the creation of 3D figures and models.

Bryce seems to be remembered mainly for people inserting a picture of their face and using that to create a ‘bump map’ as the basis for the terrain of a landmass, so when the picture is rendered there’s a beautiful sea with an island that represents your face, but it’s also been used by mainstream artists for the print and film industries.

Rendered videos can be uploaded as any normal video to YouTube or other sites.

For the geeks out there the name Bryce originates from “Bryce Canyon” which is a national beauty spot in the USA and as the software is all about terrain rendering, it’s a natural choice.

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