Hard Candy Floss Maker

Hard Candy Floss Maker
Hard Candy Floss Maker

I am a big fan of candy floss, every time we take a trip to the seaside I have to have an ice cream and a big bag of candy floss. It’s just the seaside rules! So when I found out I could make my own candy floss at home and with boiled sweets you can imagine how excited I was.

Giles and Posner have updated their orginal Candy Floss maker with the new Hard Candy Floss Maker which now lets you use hard boiled sweets instead of sugar to make extra tasty candy floss, not only that but you can use sugar free sweets!

And there’s more… this new halogen technology in the machine delivers more candy floss in less time than traditional heatin elements which means more candy floss for your money.

This is where you can let your imagination run wild, what boiled sweets would you mix together? I was thinking Cola Cubes and Rosy Apples yum yum! These are the sweets they recommend – Cola Cubes, Sherbet Lemons, Pear Drops, Hard Boiled Fruit Sweets, Hard Clear Mints, Hard Candy and ones you can’t use – Jelly Sweets, Chewy Sweets, Toffee, Bubble/Chewing Gum, Chocolate

It is really simple to use, for traditional candy floss, simply add caster sugar, turn the machine on and it will begin to heat up the sugar and spin beautiful candy floss, for different colours just add powdered food colouring. If you want to use the boiled sweets simply add them like the pictures below –

This great gadget retails at £29.95 and is avaliable from Prezzybox

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