Lady Geek TV Episode #10 – Gaming on your smartphone

But isn’t Gaming on Your Smart Phone a Waste of Time?

You – you are a busy bee.  You are a woman of multi-tasking, to-do lists and complex priorities. You have no time for frivolous childish games, especially on your smartphone. You are certainly not a gamer because, last you checked, you were not a spotty bedroom-dwelling teenage boy. Obviously, BrickBreaker doesn’t count as a real game -does it?

Say hello to a new generation of casual games for your smartphone. These games, which you can dip in an out of and play at your leisure, promise to change the way you view gaming from now on.  Due to popular demand, the Lady Geeks brings you Angry Birds, with new levels and on new devices, including the Nokia N8. Words with Friends is the popular social word game with its roots in Scrabble but its eye firmly on playing with friends. Both games will have you leaving your to-do list languishing – for 3 minutes, anyway.

The Lady Geek App of the Week this week is the X-Factor App, exclusively for Nokia, which brings you the latest and best content from the shows and extras, including videos, photos and news. You’ll never miss another gloriously terrible audition again!

Get in touch before 6 pm on Tuesday 21 September and you can win a gorgeous Nokia X6. All you need to do is share the show on Facebook. You can do this by visiting our page at , clicking ‘Like’ to follow us and then sharing the show on your Facebook page and using “@Lady Geek TV” to tag us in the status. You can also subscribe via iTunes.

The Lady Geeks look forward to hearing from you.

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