Ila Dusk Personal Alarm

Ila DUSK Personal Alarm
Ila DUSK Alarm

Summer is now coming to an end which can only mean one thing, it will be getting dark earlier. I have found a great product to give you the confidence to keep your head high while out in the dark.

I’m sure we have all seen or been bought a ugly personal alarm which we have either, left at the bottom of our bag where we would never get to it in an emergency or still in the box in your bedside draw. have launched the Ila DUSK Personal Alarm which is not only practical but stylish. The ila products are designed as fashion accessories, to look and work better than anything else on the market. Other than looking great, the main benefit of the ila DUSK is that it’s an innovative personal safety alarm that emits an ear piercing female scream that will shock and disorientate an attacker, alert passers-by and give the victim precious seconds to run away.

A lot of women lose their voices when attacked, and the ila Dusk gives them a voice back.  It looks like a chic fashion accessory and it can be worn as a key chain or on a bag so is always close at hand.

Ila Dusk Personal Alarm

My only concerns with this alarm is that having it hanging from your bag may mean you catch it on something which could cause embaressment when a female scream starts! Also I’m not sure if finding my personal alarm would be the first thing on my mind when being attacked but if I no I have something to hand which will give me a voice when I’m in that situation it may well be worth it.

Avaliable from and retails at £19.95

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