The half pint sized Kodak PlaySport

Kodak Playsport

Although Summer is nearing its end, the winter holiday season is about to begin and what better to share your skills on the slopes or winter sun snaps with then with the Kodak PlaySport. The pocket sized camera has been available for a few months now and as us lucky ladies at GirlsnGadgets have been having fun with Kodak’s mini camcorder. At around £129, the PlaySport offers a lot for your money and for much less then some of its other counterparts. But does its low price mean it lets us down on features …

Described by Kodak as one for the ‘adrenaline junkies’ amongst us, on paper the handheld certainly offers some great qualities. The device boasts 1080p HD recording, 4x digital zoom, image stabilization, water resistant up to 3m (10ft) and 128MB expandable memory. It is also a fun and attractive light weight device coming in a range of colours including purple, black, white and blue.

With our love for capturing our favourite moments both in video and photo, this device is the perfect addition to a night out or day at the beach and with its additional durability, it is also one that you would feel safe enough not to get damaged. The camera does have many competitors out there though and many more coming to the table … could a new PlaySport be on the cards for the Christmas shoppers?

So what could Kodak add to the device to make it more likely to appear on our Christmas list this year … well first of all a larger screen would be great, I love having a quick preview of my snaps/videos straight away, and the small screen on this model makes it difficult. As an iPhone user, I have grown accustom to a large screen that I can chuckle at on the move
and share with those unlucky enough to have been captured on the device. Building on that, touch screen would be a cool addition too, possibly with some on board editing to boot and direct internet uploading to say YouTube/Facebook … or maybe I am getting ahead of myself.

Regardless, this is a fab little device and one that we have had lots of fun with here … all in all I would give it a very respectable 8/10. The quality of the results is surprisingly good and definitely gets my thumbs up.

What do you get in the box?

  • KODAK PLAYSPORT Video Camera
  • KODAK Li-Ion Rechargeable Digital Camera Battery KLIC-7004
  • Adapter and cable for charging
  • HDMI and AV cables
  • Wrist strap
  • User Guide
  • ARCSOFT MEDIA IMPRESSION Software for Kodak (on-camera)

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