Lady Geek TV #7 – Can an App Really Make You Fit?

This week Lady Geek TV checks out the fitness apps with a difference.

We know how it starts. The huff and puff up your street while your Olympianesque neighbour sprints past with a cheery wave and an all-too-hearty, “Hello there!” Or maybe your favourite top is just that tiny bit too tight. Trainers laced up, gym membership at the ready, you vow this time it will be different – you will be fit. 200 meters later and you’re ready to collapse. How will you ever get fit?

This week, the Lady Geeks bring you fitness apps that WILL make a difference. The Lady Geeks show you how you can train your way to a 5K with the ingeniously named Couch to 5K for Android. Measure your progress and brag about your accomplishments with Sports Tracker for Nokia and prove those fitness skills with a crunch-off match thanks to Crunch Fu. You’ll be outpacing your smug lycra-clad neighbour in no time at all.

Get in touch before 6 pm on Monday 30th August and you can win the ultra cool Nokia X3. All you need to do is ‘like’ our facebook page at or follow us on twitter at

The Lady Geeks look forward to hearing from you.

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