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Off Topic: Sackboy Merchandise – Finally!

Here at GnG we thought it would be nice to bring you an off topic post every week. To kick it off, we thought we’d ease you in gently with a slightly geeky theme. they’re knitted, they’re cute and sometimes just plain ridiculous… It’s the Little Big Planet Sackboy! Now I don’t know about you,Continue Reading “Off Topic: Sackboy Merchandise – Finally!”


Keen on Photography? – Check out Photokina.

As you all know, I love photography and technology, so I thought it would be good to blog about what’s going on at this year’s Photokina event in Germany. For those that don’t know, it’s the world’s biggest photography trade fair where, every two years, professional and amateur photographers head to for a look atContinue Reading “Keen on Photography? – Check out Photokina.”


Lady Geek TV Episode #10 – Gaming on your smartphone

But isn’t Gaming on Your Smart Phone a Waste of Time? You – you are a busy bee.  You are a woman of multi-tasking, to-do lists and complex priorities. You have no time for frivolous childish games, especially on your smartphone. You are certainly not a gamer because, last you checked, you were not aContinue Reading “Lady Geek TV Episode #10 – Gaming on your smartphone”