Poloroid 300 Review

Poloroid 300

Everyone loves a picture moment… And although digital cameras are great and everything, nothing has ever really beaten a poloroid for momentary pics – for me at least! There’s something exciting about watching your photo develop in front of your eyes, not to mention the unnecessary flapping around!

I’m a sucker for anything that’s ‘retro’ and Poloroid is certainly that. There was a point where I thought it might be all over for them, but in the past year they’ve really pulled it out of the bag with their PoGo Printers and their new digital cameras. But, what we have the pleasure of reviewing, is the Poloroid 300 which is a traditional style Poloriod camera with an updated body design and it still has the viewfinder.

When unboxing, the camera certainly didn’t have the wow factor as far as the new design went, however Poloroids have never really been known for their stylish appearance. Functionality was clear, simple and comfortable – even a child could use it with ease, as my 5 year old step son demonstrated. He was amazed at the instant photo developing, asking me if it was ‘magic’. The quality of the prints were top notch and all of a sudden, you forget the bulkiness of the camera.

It’s robust, easy to use and produces quality prints. A perfect present for all ages. Overall, I’d give it an 8/10. The camera comes in black, blue and red and retails at £79.99. Available now from The film costs £12.99 for 10 sheets.

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