Lady Geek TV #4 – How do you keep bored kids entertained?

Are you tired of the disapproving looks you get from others when your children are running riot?  Do you wish your children could be like ‘those’ children who sit quietly and do what they are told rather than furiously drawing on the walls?

This week on the Lady Geek TV App Show we have a special Mumsnet episode with the founder of Justine Roberts. Justine and Debs will be showing you smartphone apps that will keep your children from getting bored, as well as an app to video record those rare moments when your child is behaving perfectly.

First up this week is Fish School (brought to our attention by The App Whisperer). Fish School is an educational iPhone App which teaches your kids reading, maths and differences with the help of brightly coloured fish floating in formation, spelling out words, numbers, and shapes.

Next we have Qik, the mobile video camera, a real favourite from Nokia’s Ovi store. It transmits a videostream live to the web, fantastic for capturing and, more importantly, sharing those spontaneous moments as they happen and ensure you keep those unforgettable memories.

The Lady Geek App of the Week is Toddler Lock, which transforms your phone into a magical toy guaranteed to entrance both you and your toddler.

If you are a mum with children, please get in touch and tell us your favourite app before Mon 16th August and we will feature your app in our next mums special.  Just by ‘liking’ our facebook page Lady Geek TV you will be automatically entered into our competition to win this week’s smartphone Nokia 6700 slide.

Have an ‘appy’ week!

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