Grazia comes to Lady Geek TV

Would you love to change your look but just don’t know where to start and can’t afford a personal stylist? Lady Geek TV will answer all your fashion questions this week.

We have a very special episode featuring the glamourous Angela Buttolph, editor of Grazia Daily who alongside Debs, brings you the very best in apps that can ensure you don’t make a huge fashion faux pas. First up is Go Shop! from Ovi which is an up-to-date directory of all the shops around you helps you navigate you through the hundreds of shops by giving you lists and reviews of the shops close to you.

Next up is the brilliant Ask A Stylist iPhone app, which in the absence of your very own Gok Wan, gives you one to one personal advice about what to wear and more importantly, what not to wear. And lastly we have Touch Closet, on iPhone, which helps you put your whole wardrobe on your phone and gives you a bit of inspiration to make sure you mix and match your look.

Get in touch before Friday 6th August and you can win a new Nokia C3 smartphone. All you need to do is ‘like’ our facebook page or follow us on twitter @ladygeektv.

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