Chocolate without the guilt?

LeWhif – This must be one of the more bizzare things I’ve been asked to review of late, but I just had to! OK so it’s not a gadget as such, but who am I not to share with all you lovely ladies this rather different way to eat, or inhale I should say, chocolate!

Each packet of LeWhif contains 3 inhalers. Each of these inhalers contain eight full inhilations and they come in a variety of flavours including chocolate, chocolate Raspberry, chocolate mint and coffee. I have to admit to being a little sceptical about this product when I first heard about it. Inhale chocolate – REALLY?!  But, I really shouldn’t have been quite so judgemental, I actually really enjoyed it!

My first Le Whif experience was rather amusing. I was on the bus on the way to an England World Cup game – Not the best place to try it for the first time as I found out! I was intrigued as to how it would work, so I pulled it out if it’s wrapping, checked the instructions quickly… and inhaled. I think I may have inhaled a little too hard as my mouth filled with the chocolate flavouring and caused me to cough and splutter all over the place – attractive!  So, the moral of the story is… Inhale gently 😉

I shared my other 2 inhalers with a couple of friends who, like me, found the concept a little odd at first, but enjoyed them. I think the inhilation of chocolate will take some getting used to, but there’s certainly a market amongst those chocolate lovers who are looking to lose the pound but still indulge in their addiction 🙂

They’re available at Prezzybox at a price of £4.99 – Enjoy!

Courtesy of Prezzybox

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