PokéPark Wii: Pikachu’s Adventure

Nintendo’s ever-popular Pokémon series has more spin-off titles than you can shake a stick at. From puzzle titles to a game based around taking snapshots of the critters, Nintendo know the possibilities with the series are huge. Along with these games, once per home console generation, the series mascot “Pikachu” gets the chance to shineContinue Reading “PokéPark Wii: Pikachu’s Adventure”


Guest Post: Sony MDR-RF4000 – Wireless Headphones

Our guest blogger Gary Kemp puts Sony’s latest wireless headphones through their paces. Before I start the review proper, a confession: I have never seen the point of cordless headphones. From my point of view – I call it ‘traditional’, although others might call it ‘stuck in the past’ – your music of choice isContinue Reading “Guest Post: Sony MDR-RF4000 – Wireless Headphones”


Lady Geek TV #6 – Can a shopping app change your life?

This week Lady Geek TV checks out the shopping apps that will change your life. Another week, another argument over an empty fridge. You’re peaky, you’re having a bad hair day and the outside world is just not worth facing. Even the thought of yanking out your laptop and sitting down to do the shoppingContinue Reading “Lady Geek TV #6 – Can a shopping app change your life?”


Poloroid 300 Review

Everyone loves a picture moment… And although digital cameras are great and everything, nothing has ever really beaten a poloroid for momentary pics – for me at least! There’s something exciting about watching your photo develop in front of your eyes, not to mention the unnecessary flapping around! I’m a sucker for anything that’s ‘retro’ and PoloroidContinue Reading “Poloroid 300 Review”

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We made the final cut for the Cosmo Awards!

Thanks so much to everyone who nominated us. Girls n Gadgets is now officially in the final cut for the Cosmopolitan awards! Please click on the logo below to vote! Please also look out for: Fairytale Beginning in the Sex and and Relationships section and also the Stunning and totally lovely Miggy Likes the InternetContinue Reading “We made the final cut for the Cosmo Awards!”


Lady Geek TV #4 – How do you keep bored kids entertained?

Are you tired of the disapproving looks you get from others when your children are running riot?  Do you wish your children could be like ‘those’ children who sit quietly and do what they are told rather than furiously drawing on the walls? This week on the Lady Geek TV App Show we have aContinue Reading “Lady Geek TV #4 – How do you keep bored kids entertained?”