Lady Geek TV Episode #3 Featuring Maggie Philbin

Are you perplexed by the London Underground? Fancy learning a new language with the panache and elan of a native? Want a way to find all the in-places before the in-crowd even know they are in? Our brave presenter Debs finds herself answering all of these questions, and possibly more on an epic business tripContinue Reading “Lady Geek TV Episode #3 Featuring Maggie Philbin”


Girl Geek Dinners turns 5 (Guest post by Judith Lewis)

Have you ever heard of London Girl Geek Dinners?  What started as an organisation of a few passionate women has blossomed into a worldwide network of “dinners” from New Zealand through to Toronto and now the home of that movement is turning 5 years old! London Girl Geek Dinners really does hope to change theContinue Reading “Girl Geek Dinners turns 5 (Guest post by Judith Lewis)”

Mobile Tech

T-Mobile join forces with Blockbuster

Thousands of people lining the streets of London, singing pretty badly into their phones, hairbrushes and anything else they managed to pull from their bags – Who could be responsible for this ruckus? T-Mobile of course – and now they’re bringing the fun off the street, into the home! For years, the carrier has continuiouslyContinue Reading “T-Mobile join forces with Blockbuster”