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The iPhone 4 is so cool it practically sold out before it even hit the shops. At £500 a pop, it’s not cheap…but every time Steve Jobs presents something new in a typically Apple over-the-top video you can’t help but drool. Only

10% of retail outlets in the UK actually received any stock of the phone on the launch date, 24th June. They’re now predicting at least early July before anything else comes their way!

What if I told you there was a way to get your iPhone 4 without the hefty price tag and with the added bonus of doing good? does online raffles for charity. 80% of the profit from every ticket you buy goes straight to the charity of your choice. You could get an iPhone 4 for just £2 a ticket with the added warm fuzzy feeling of giving to a great cause and doing your good deed of the day! They support some great causes such as War Child, Bullying UK and Opportunity International. Get in there quick, the raffle finishes Wednesday 30th June at 5pm!

If you want slightly less geek and slightly more chic they also happen to have a pair of Jimmy Choos for £2. If you can get over the disappointment of Sunday they also have a signed England shirt – again just £2 a ticket.
Keep an eye on the site for future giveaways as well and have a go. Play to give, give to win – have a go! Http://

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