Renting online? You can with

A new site that helps us make money, and save money, renting from each other! Zilok – Rent Anything Online
zilokWant to get your hands on a Blackberry Storm, but don’t have the spare cash? Make your lawn mower, handbags, bicycle and Nintendo Wii work for you!

Zilok, a website aiming to do for rentals what eBay did to person-to-person selling, is the “new hot stuff” helping us make money renting things online.

Everyone is welcome to join the online rental community, and it seems more and more people are doing it. It’s quite easy to navigate, and posting items for hire only takes a few minutes . The search engine is location-centric allowing users to find items near by.
And the beauty of Zilok is, you can help the world while you help your finances: renting from other people is the “Greenest” of all means of consumption.
Now ladies, let’s be good to the planet while we make money, shall we! let’s put it all out for hire!!!

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