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Cate Sevilla
Cate Sevilla

My name is Cate Sevilla, and I’m the founding editor of, as well as being a freelance writer and professional blogger. I grew up in California and after meeting a rather handsome British Geek on Myspace, I moved over to London in the spring of 2006. After blogging a ridiculous amount about women’s issues on my personal blog,, I was asked to be an editor for the blog publishing company , Shiny Media.

Over the past few years I have written for a number of websites such as, Yahoo! Personals’s advice column, and have appeared in various newspapers, and TV and radio programs. After leaving Shiny Media in June 2008, I decided to launch, as I was fed up with both reading and writing for websites that were “for women, by women”, yet seemed pretty out of touch with what a lot of women actually want.

 BitchBuzz is a network for web-savvy women where we discuss everything from sex and politics, to the latest in pop culture and technology. We’re the happy medium between hardcore feminism and the fluffy, Cosmo-esque magazines that dominate the Internet today. Plus, we only write about stuff that we actually like and care about! There are enough iVillages and rip-offs out there – I wanted to create something that recognized that women care just as much about the latest political news and most useful iPhone applications as they do about finding unique and kitschy dinnerware.


Through my work on BitchBuzz, and experiences with feminism and the tech community in London, I’ve become incredibly passionate about getting more women involved in technology. Whether it’s through blogging, IT, social media or graphic design, we need more women in the tech! The female audience online is as massive as it is influential and I strongly believe our tech culture should reflect that. While I may not be a Ruby on Rails developer or understand exactly how the server that BitchBuzz runs on works – I still am a woman in technology.

So, my current mission is to help balance out our current tech culture, along with helping make younger women and girls aware of how many different cool jobs you can have if you work in the technology industry. I think most girls are unaware of how many tech jobs don’t just involve sitting in front of a computer screen staring at numbers and graphs all day! (Unless that’s what you want to be doing, and yes, there are plenty of those jobs, as well.)

My personal blog is and you can follow me over at Twitter: @cupcate. Please do check out (and follow us at @bitchbuzz ) and if you’d be interested in working with us or contributing to the site, please do get in touch via our Contact form!

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