Pingg – A new way to invite by Sarah Cooley

Planning a party or event in the near future? Let me introduce you to Pingg. Pingg is an evite-like service that allows you to send online invitations to your guest list. What I liked about Pingg at first glance was that in addition to beautifully designed email invites, Pingg will also send out print invitations for you. Making it ideal for those events where you might be inviting your very tech savvy friends who are social networking addicts, and your not so tech savvy friends who never check their email.

pingg home page

Pingg is the result of a few of us socially-conscious, design-oriented, tech-geeks who couldn’t find an online invitation website that fit our needs aesthetically, functionally or personally. What we realized was that although it seemed easy and cost-efficient to send online invitations, the final resulting invitations felt impersonal, uninspiring, and didn’t represent us or the events we were throwing. “

  • Create an actual invitation, as opposed to a mere link to a webpage, by choosing from a variety of unique images that reflect your own personal taste, including our Designer Series. Or you can upload your own images for a more personal touch.
  • Choose to send invitations via ONE or ALL of pingg’s methods- email, print (pingg will print, stamp and mail the invitations to your selected guests), sms/text, or easily share it with your social network. By integrating online and print invitations, pingg makes it easy to reach your guests in a variety of ways, while managing all guest replies online.
  • Customize your event webpage by uploading photos or videos, writing longer personalized messages and attaching additional information about the event. Pingg also has advanced features for gift & charity registries, money collection and ticketing.
  • Manage all RSVPs, lists, guest messaging, follow-ups, reminders, last minute changes and Thank You notes efficiently and easily from one place.

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Pingg makes it easy when planning an event, from the invitations to the guest list and so much more.  They have a great list of features. It goes so far beyond just sending out invites, Pingg deals with guest list management, sending out reminder emails, and automatically sending out thank you notes after you party or event has ended. Pingg is more proper with the invitation etiquette then I could ever be, and that’s why I love it.

Pingg goes above and beyond just an invitaion service. You get a whole event web page to play around with, and they have some great features you can add to it.

  • Integrated Gift Registry – allows guests to RSVP and purchase a gift simultaneously from your event web page.
  • Integrated Charity Registry – allows guests to donate to a charity of your choice directly from your event web page.
  • Collecting Money – allows guests to send money simply and easily in advance of the event.
  • Ticketing – allows you to sell tickets directly through your event web page.
  • Photo Sharing – allows guests to submit their favorite pictures. Our functionality will combine them into one fun album for all to enjoy on your event web page.

Pingg is a fairly new service but I would keep my eye on these guys. I know that they have a lot more in store and a ton of potential. I know brides-to-be that would die for this kind of functionality if Pingg could get their pro service off the ground, I’m sure we will see some great wedding stuff coming from them.

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